This is what we hunt

This buck was brought
down on our properties

The Moose (am.) / Elk (br.)
(Alces alces)
Our biggest cloven-footed animal. The male can get two meters high and weigh 300-400 kilos (660-880 lbs). It
stays mainly in forests and swamps and stays preferably near open water. They eat grass, leaves, mushrooms etc.
There are 350-400.000 moose in Sweden and each year aprox. 100.000 are shot. The moose in Scandianvia are related to the ones Siberia, Alaska and Canada.

The Wild boar
(Sus scrofa)
The male can get 1,5 meter long, 1 meter high and can weigh 200-300 kilos (440-660 lbs). They have sharp tusks which
are dangerous weapons.

The Vikings believed that the gods, Thor, Oden & Co, had a
wild boar called Särimner. This boar was extraordinary!
Every night the Gods at Valhall had wild boar for dinner - Särimner was the one they eat. And every night, after the
feast, they stacked all the bones after Särimner in one pile
and every morning Särimner was back in his best flesh.

The Gods knew what they were doing - wild boar is one
of the best things you can eat!

There is something called Elk in the
but that is more like this...

Harvested game

The Roe-deer
(Capreolus capreolus)
Our smallest cloven-footed animal. In the field the two sexes are hard to distinguish from each other (except when the bucks have horns). A grown buck weighs between 23-28 kilos, the goat is about 2-3 kilos lighter.

From the chart above you see that the species have grown from 200-300 000 (30-50% harvested) to 1,5 million during 1990:ies. This is primary due to a declining population of
foxes, several mild winters and hunters feeding during harsh winters.

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