An occasion you should not miss!

In the heartland of Europe - Hungary.

No guarantee is more sure than the one Hungary gives you regarding hunting.
Theese pictures is a proof of that. Read my illustrated story below...

February 14, 16:05 Pep talk and preparations.

February 14, 16:39 Sighting +40 red deer… unbelievable!

February 14, 16:44 One red deer "down"!

February 14, 16:58 Taking the stand (from a wild boars perspective).


February 14, 17:57 Wild boar sighted! Five minutes later... one shot.

February 15, 08:16 Wild boar sighted again! ("Escaped" 12 m after shot.)

February 15, 08:25 Hungarian traditions upheld.
Watch the whip... ouch!

February 15, 10:44 Hungarian traditions upheld... yummy!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Every word is true!
This story continued until February 18,
but I won't bore you with it.
Only you decide when your adventure starts and ends...

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