Light conditions

Light is pretty essential when you want to hunt. The best and many times the only legal light source is the sun. The most of the game that you really want to hunt is not allowed to hunt during the dark hours. You are not allowed to use any special lights during hunt except for one occasion; when a prey has been shot at and you have to track it down.

Every hunter knows that it's the time around sunrise/sunset when the game moves the most. A bonus, the hunter gets, is those moments. With or without game sighted - they are the days finest.

Moose hunt may start one hour before sunrise and have to end at sunset.

Deer hunt may start one hour before sunrise and have to end one hour after sunset. (Remark: When occasionally bear, lynx, wolf and wolverine are allowed the deer hunt rules are applied.)

All other game may be hunted around the clock.

Example #1: Oct. 15, moose hunt. First shot possible at 05:25 (one hour before 06:25 = sunrise) and "cease fire" at 16:38 (= sunset). Possible hunt:
11 hours.

Example #2: May 31, roe deer hunt. First shot possible at 01:30 (one hour before 02:35 = sunrise) and "cease fire" at 21:55 (one hour after 20:55 = sunset). Possible hunt: 20,5 hours. This example show that the hunting
hours is not the problem, it's the few hours sleep you getů

Remark: The chart below as well as the examples are not influenced by daylight saving time. It is calculated on local and normal time.