The prey

The prey or "the game" could be divided into four groups:

- Protected
- Licensed
- Unlicensed
- "The rest"

Protected game, also called "the crown's game", are absolutely prohibited to shoot. Every year some are shot by hunters claiming
self-defence. Don't even think about it! Every one of these incidents
is thoroughly investigated. Not all gets away with it. The "crown's
game" are among other; bear, lynx, wolf, wolverine, eagle and falcon.

Licensed game are pretty common in most areas of our country.
Though they are that popular to hunt, the amount shot every year
must be regulated. License means that a landowner gets the possi-
bility to shoot a specific amount per season. The allowance depends primly on the size of the hunting grounds and in what part of Sweden
it is. The most known licensed game is the moose (king of the forests).

Unlicensed game is left to the hunter (landowner) to decide how
hard he should tax the game population. Deer, fox, hare, blackcock, pheasant, are examples of unlicensed game. Licensed- and un-
licensed game may not be hunted at al time of the year. All species
has their own season. This is mainly defined by their mating- and pregnancy periods and during hard winter conditions.

"The rest" is not meant to depreciate any game. These species
are (in Sweden) mostly seen as noxious animals. Other countries
can have other opinions. These animals are allowed to shoot al year around, with a recommendation not to shoot a female animal when nursing their small-ones.