Activity (cost per person)
First night
€ 85
Folowing night(s)
€ 70
Breakfast (included)
€ 0
€ 10
€ 30
Hunt (full day)
€ 30
Launder (one mashine)
€ 15
Blue is optional (you may of course cook
or eat out on e.g. an excursion).
An average weekend, Friday to Sunday, could end around € 300 (per person).

We can provide rifles/shotguns (but you have to present a document showing
that you are in possession of a similar weapon at home.

The prices for hunting trophies are not presented here (example above € 300).
I understand that the price is not unimportant

Every occasion is unique. The price will therefore vary.
I have prepared a rough estimate of cost, to show you
what services you can expect and what it will cost.