It's in the "middle of nowhere"...
I don't hunt for proffession, therefore...
A word about the hunting...
- I don't depend on this hunting for my income...
  prices are reasonable.
- I'm always available during hunting season, which
  ensures full guidance and support (if you want it).
- but still it's only 60 minutes by car from Stockholm.
- but it has all the modern, convenient facilities you
  (or your wife) could ever ask for.
and perhaps you will experience silence for the
  first time in your life.
- It's a 5 min walk from the quarters to the hunt.
- I have a fully trained Labrador retreiver who
  help us.

- We harvest in average 2 moose, 15 deers, 10 wild
  boar, 4 foxes, 5 blackkocks/pheasants, 5 hares
  and 3 badgers per season.

- We can practice target shooting on the properties
  as well as on a fully equipped shooting range,
  5 km away.
These are not the only reasons and they are
in any priority order (priority is yours):